Kate Lajtha

Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University

B.A. - Harvard University in Biology, 1979
Ph.D. - Duke University in Botany, 1986

Director, Environmental Sciences Program, Oregon State University, 2003-present
Professor, Dept. Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University, 2000-present
Associate Professor, Dept. Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University, 1995-2000
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Boston University, 1993–1995
Associate Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, 1993–1995
Director, Environmental Science Major, 1993–1995
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Boston University, 1987–1993
University Postdoctoral Fellow, Ohio State University, 1986–1987
Graduate Research and NSF Fellow, Department of Botany, Duke University, 1981–1986

PUBLICATIONS (5 most relevant)
Sulzman, E.W., J.B. Brant, R.D. Bowden, and K. Lajtha.  2005.  Contribution of aboveground litter, belowground litter, and rhizosphere respiration to total soil CO2 efflux in an old growth coniferous forest. Biogeochemistry 73:231 - 256
Lajtha, K., S. Crow, Y. Yano, S.S. Kaushal, E.W. Sulzman, P. Sollins, and J.D.H. Spears. 2005.  Detrital controls on soil solution N and dissolved organic matter in soils: a field experiment.  Biogeochemistry, 76:261-281.
Cairns, M. A., and K. Lajtha. 2005. Effects of Succession on Nitrogen Export in the West-Central Cascades, Oregon. Ecosystems 8:583-601.
Yano, Y., K. Lajtha, P. Sollins, and B.A. Caldwell. 2005. Chemistry and Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Matter in a Temperate Coniferous Forest on Andic Soils: Effects of Litter Quality.  Ecosystems 8: 286 - 300
Vanderbilt, K.L., K. Lajtha and F. Swanson. 2003. Biogeochemistry of unpolluted forested watersheds in the Oregon Cascades: temporal patterns of precipitation and stream nitrogen fluxes.  Biogeochemistry 62:87-117.

PUBLICATIONS (5 additional)
Holub, S.M., K. Lajtha, J.D.H. Spears, J.A. Tóth, S.E. Crow, B.A.Caldwell, M. Papp, and P.T. Nagy. 2005. Organic matter manipulations have little effect on gross and net nitrogen transformations in two temperate forest mineral soils in the U.S.A and central Europe. Forest Ecology and Management 214:320-330.
Yano, Y., K. Lajtha, P. Sollins, and B.A. Caldwell. 2004. Chemical and seasonal controls on the dynamics of dissolved organic matter in a coniferous old-growth stand in the Pacific Northwest, USA.  Biogeochemistry 71:197-223.
Spears, J.D.H. and K. Lajtha. 2004. The imprint of coarse woody debris on soil chemistry in the western Oregon Cascades, Biogeochemistry 71:163-175.
Johnston, C.A., P. Groffman, D.D. Breshears, Z.G. Cardon, W. Currie, W. Emanuel, J. Gaudinski, R.B. Jackson, K. Lajtha, K. Nadelhoffer, D. Nelson Jr., W. Mac Post, G. Retallack, R. Stallard, L. Wielopolski. 2004. The frontier below: Carbon cycling in soil. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2: 522-528.
Holub, S.M. and K. Lajtha. 2004. The fate and retention of organic and inorganic 15N-nitrogen in an old-growth forest soil in Western Oregon. Ecosystems 7:368-380.


  • Editor-in-Chief, Biogeochemistry
  • National Ecological Observation Network (NEON) Biogeochemistry committee member
  • Member of organizing committee, 2nd International Conference on Mechanisms of Soil Organic Matter Stabilization, Monterey, CA, October 9-13, 2005.  
  • Panel Member, NSF DEB Ecosystems (2004 – 2008)
  • Invited Participant, Workshop on Root Biology, University of Michigan Biological Station, Pellston, MI.
  • Co-Convener, LTER Strategic Plan Workshop: Nitrogen deposition and ecosystem effects.  Boulder, CO.
  • Member, US-ILTER (International Long-Term Ecosystem Research) National Committee (to present)
  • Reviewer for Ecological Applications, Ecology, Soil Science Society of America Journal, etc.